packaging cooking oil

virtual testing cooking oil

Case Study: Cooking oil

Challenge: Can we lightweight a current 22g PET bottle without harming its performance?

Pack 3.0 Solution: Thanks to our scientific process, Pack 3.0 engineers discovered the bottle couldn’t be lightweighted in its current form.

We improved the current bottle with technical adjustments that led to a new bottle design that was 4g lighter. The new bottle also met the client’s requirements that it be aesthetically pleasing, run on existing industrial lines and perform as well as the heavier design.

Pack 3.0 accomplished all this while saving the client over 400 tons of PET a year along with a corresponding decrease in their CO2 footprint.

Timeframe: One month

Awards: “Thanks to our unique contribution to the Packaging industry, Pack 3.0 was named Company of Year in Loir-et-Cher French region.”